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What is Astral Travel? Is it dangerous? Where can we be with astral travel?


21 January 2019 Monday 15:17:15

Son Güncelleme: 21/01/2019 15:17:24

What is Astral Travel? Is it dangerous? Where can we be with astral travel?

We tried to prepare a content that informs you about astral travel, the separation of the soul from the body. What is Astral Travel? How is Astral Travel done? What are Astral Traveling Techniques? Here’s what everyone’s wondering about it.

What is Astral Travel? Is Astral Traveling Real?
” Astral travel” is far more than a dream because the soul leaves the body for a different dimension. Since consciousness remains open during this transition, the person becomes aware of his actions. There are no physical barriers for the astral journey. For example, walls and doors are not a barrier.

As you can stay in your own neighborhood, you can also fly to different countries and planets. Since the soul passes to a different dimension, the assets that are not seen in normal time may be encountered.

For those who have an astral experience, these “beings” cannot harm a person, but fear of them can actually harm a person. They can play games to disorient one, and this can damage a person’s psychology. In other words, just as aliens can be bad, you can be in heaven on astral walks, and you may encounter bad situations. That’s why you have to defeat fear. “Astral travel” is seen as fear of the greatest enemy.

How is Astral Travel done?

Some people have innate talent in this regard, and they may experience astral travel outside their own will. The others must apply certain methods to carry out the “Astral Travel”. How is “Astral travel” done? What are the details of Astral travel?

You must get rid of the fear element. Those who are afraid of the reactions of the body when traveling on an astral travel cannot stand an astral experience. Some, however, experience it, but when they see their souls while leaving their bodies, they can get scared. In both cases, the soul will return to the body and the astral travel experiment will end there where you have fallen asleep.

Astral Techniques

Preparation: Remove the accessories you feel uncomfortable and feel. The room should be dark so that there is no direct light to your eyelids. You should lie on your back with your head in the north. Take your clothes off, but get your body warm. It is important that you are not in a place to be disturbed. Keep your lips half open and breathe, keep it in balance.

Classical Method – Relaxation and Desire of Flying: You should think of your body from your feet to your forehead as total. Use your mental power to focus your body up one meter above. Imagine that you stood up from your forehead and standing on your feet.

Ancillary Factors – Sound Waves: Studies have shown some sounds that facilitate astral experience.

Hypnosis – Effect Method: Astral is the most effective way known for travel, but it is unclear whether the result is astral travel or a game of the brain, because the subconscious will occur during hypnosis.

Underwater Method – Survival: If you cannot make the separation despite concentrating, consider yourself under water. You’re going to have to go to surface because your breath will slowly decrease. Imagine you’re trying to get rid of the moss that walks on your feet. Your desire to step up and your exhausted breath will throw you out of the body.

Targeting – To Desire: An object from the house should be selected and considered in depth. You should work as clearly as you can do in your eyes. A target and power arises to be achieved. This facilitates astral travel.

Spontaneous Occurrence: Fainting, severe illness, severe drowsiness, sudden shocks and traffic accidents caused by involuntary astral separation. In this case, the person usually finds himself more than one body outside the body without realizing. In normal sleep, these dislocations cause dreams to occur, and the effects of falling during sleep and flying can be a sign of this.

What is felt during the separation of the soul from the body in Astral Travel?

Numbness is felt at all muscles and cells in the body. Ebullient in the ears and anthelmation in the body. Dizziness and spiral rotation of the body can also be felt. When a feeling of lightening occurs, breathing should be kept and continued without disturbing the breathing system. If the separation was not successful, new symptoms should be expected.


Finally, you must keep in mind  that the information given is not scientifically proven. It was created from people who claim to have accomplished the Astral travel experience and from a variety of sources.

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